Skewen Medical Centre

Dr Gareth Davies

Dr Davies graduated from the Imperial College School of Medicine in London.  His special interest is diabetes primary prevention.  He is married with four children and his hobbies include mountain … [continue] Dr Gareth Davies

Dr Dan Newton

Graduated from University of Bristol in 2007 and is a member of the Royal College of Practitioners.  Dr Newton is the Cluster Lead and GP Trainer for the practice.  His … [continue] Dr Dan Newton

Dr Angie Westwood

Dr Westwood specialises in dermatology and teaches medical students.  She has a diploma from the Faculty of Reproductive & Sexual Health and is qualified to fit/remove contraceptive coils and implants.  … [continue] Dr Angie Westwood

Dr Charlotte Green

Dr Green graduated from Cardiff in 2001.  She has worked as a GP in Cornwall, Cardiff and Swansea.  Dr Green enjoys spending time walking her dogs.

Dr Sarah Ciminera

Graduated from Leicester University in 2013.  She then worked in Gloucester and Devon before returning to Wales.  Dr CIminera has an interest in mental health.  She enjoys spending time with … [continue] Dr Sarah Ciminera